Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our last tennis session

This morning was our last tennis session with Ngaire. We are all keen tennis players and our skills are developing nicely. Today we played a tournament which showed great competitiveness! 


Anonymous said...

Hello Quadblogging buddies,

It's so interesting that you do tennis. Here at Manzanita we have PE and we practice football but not tennis. We hope to hear more from you.

From Haley and Aidan, MZ Elementary

Anonymous said...


Cool, we also have tennis as an early release class. How often do you play tennis?

Ashton and Simone, MZ Elementary School.

Anonymous said...


Did you like doing the tennis? Was it fun? We have never played tennis before.

Shay and Jessica, MZ elementary

Anonymous said...

Dear Quadblog buddys,

Hi, tennis over there looks fun! Is it cold when you play or warm? It's hot out here in Tucson, Az we also love to play tennis down here!

Isabelle and Timothee, MZ Elementary

Anonymous said...

hello quadblog buddies,

Is it fun to play tennis? I've never played tennis before, because we never have time.

Julia,Allan,MZ Elementary

Anonymous said...

Tennis is heaps of fun!
We played twice a week for about 4 weeks :)
It's not usually too cold!
Miah :)

Anonymous said...

Tennis is really fun and me and my friend managed to come last in a mini tennis tournament!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it so interesting that you play tennis
at your school! Is this a special at your school?