Friday, April 11, 2014

Bailey's Star Challenge

Today Bailey shared some photos from one of his Star Challenges.  He cooked 2 meals for his family and it all looks so yummy!  Room 8 are free to come to the O'Malley's any time for a meal cooked by Bailey :)

Great job, Bailey!

Reuben and Rohan's bird house.

Today for exploration Reuben and Rohan started to built a bird house. They chose a design from the internet and Reuben's dad helped them with getting the wood they needed. Once it is finished, we will have to find the right spot in one of our trees so that the birds can enjoy it! 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Forest gecko.

This week we have been looking at animals that live in water catchments. We chose an animal and did a. It of research about the animal and what we can do to have protect them. This is Mine and alices's. 
By Ella 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Eiffel Tower

Today for reading we were doing Non-Ficton text and we read about the Eiffel Tower.  Here are some of the facts we learnt.

It was Opened on the 31 March 1889 so it is 125 years old!
It was named after the Gustave Eiffel.
The Eiffel tower is one of the most famous towers in the world.
The Eiffel tower is 324 metres high.
It was made out of Iron.
It was the tallest manmade structure for 41 years until the Chrysler Building in New York was built.
The sun causes the tower to grow about 15cm!
It weights about 10,000 tones and it took 18,000 pieces of iron to create it.
It was nicknamed La dam de fer which means the iron lady.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tasman Region river catchments

Today we looked at River catchments in our region.  Some we knew but there were lots that we didn't.
This is what we found out about water catchments today.

  1. A catchment is an area of land that ‘catches the rain’. The edges or boundaries of a catchment are the hills and ridges around it.
    Raindrops fall onto hills in a catchment, then collect together to form tributaries and streams. Water, in streams, continues the journey downhill with the force of gravity. Streams become larger and may eventually feed into a large river. The river flows through an estuary and out to the sea.
    Water flowing under the ground is called ‘groundwater’. Water enters the groundwater system through rivers, streams and also directly through the ground when it rains. 
Next week we are going to look at animal life around catchments.

Here is the link to the Tasman Region river catchments.

Tasman Region river catchments

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Olympics.

This morning we have been looking at the Winter Olympics and what sports are involved. Lots of the sports we had no idea about! We have chosen a sport or an event in groups and we are going to put together some information so we can teach our classmates about it. We will share our findings with you when we have finished. 

We are back for 2014!

We are all really pleased to be back at school for 2014. We have spent the last few days settling into our new class and learning about our routines in room 8. It is going to be another busy and exciting year at Ranzau. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pet day

Today we had Ranzau School pet day. We have this every second year. There were lots of animals that came to school today. We have a special visit from Christine who works at Natureland and she came with lots of interesting animals. We had a fanstastic morning doing fun activities with our buddies and then we had an afternoon in the ring where dogs, goats, lambs and calves were shared. 

Kapa haka exchange

On Wednesday we had a kapa haka exchange with Stoke School. It was a time for both of our kapa haka groups to celebrate what is special about our schools. We performed for each other and then we shared Kai. We do a kapa haka exchange every year and we alternate between it being held at Ranzau school and Stoke School.